How to determine the three major levels of intelligence?

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How to determine the three major levels of intelligence?


Smart workshop, smart factory, smart production.

How are the differences between these three levels?

In the meantime, intelligent workshops and intelligent factories are classified as operations, and intelligent manufacturing is attributed to the level. Surgery immeasurable, Tao is endless, Road to do, surgery can be immeasurable, but more difficult to have a qualitative break. Way not done, immeasurable, always continue, after all, there will be a qualitative break.

To improve the overall level of product production as the center, emphasis on production management can progress, product quality improvement, customer demand-oriented timely delivery in order to progress, product testing equipment to progress, to improve production safety, production equipment can be improved, the workshop of information technology Progress, the workshop can be improved logistics, workshop power management, CNC machining to improve progress.

Through the network and software management system to CNC automation equipment (including production equipment, testing equipment, transportation equipment, robots and all other equipment) to complete the interconnection and exchange, to achieve the perception of the situation (customer needs, production, raw materials, personnel, equipment, production technology, environment Security and other information), real-time data analysis, and then the end of the automatic resolution plan and the accurate implementation of the order of the self-organized production of lean situation of the workshop.

Focusing on the improvement of the overall level of operation of the factory, focusing on product and occupational life cycle research, lean processing across the entire supply chain from the customer's start to own factories and upstream suppliers After the completion of automation and informatization, from satisfaction to discovery, And even to open up and lead the customer demand for the beginning of sales and shopping malls to be able to progress, improve the environment, safety and health management level, improve product development